BR Properties is committed to fitting its properties with equipment and infrastructure that conserve energy and water, reduce waste and minimize environmental impacts. The Company continuously monitors the quality of effluents and soil contamination at certain of its industrial properties. BR Properties has adopted processes for segregated collection of different kinds of waste at a substantial number of its properties.

BR Properties is a founding member in Brazil of the Green Building Council and three of its employees are certified by this institution. BR Properties will seek to attain the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, Gold and Silver certification in all its developments. The Company believes that there is an increasing demand in Brazil for properties that comply with high environmental sustainability standards which, together with the limited availability of these properties, represents a high potential for an increase in the market value of its properties.

Preliminary Study of the Architecture

For each development project, the Company identifies the end product sought and the most suitable architect to achieve that goal. Starting from the initial concept, each project is developed with the objective of obtaining a certificate of sustainability.

Managing Development of Related Project

An internal team manages all the complementary projects and contractors carry out the construction. This stage is fundamental to meeting the specifications of the project and guaranteeing its sustainability.

Social Responsibility, Sponsorship and Cultural Incentives

BR Properties believes and encourages its employees to become aware of social responsibility and that each is responsible for development and sustainability of business. Thus, the Company strives to make each employee always consider the economic, social and environmental effects of all their actions with stakeholders to which it relates.